Gunki Iron tournament, Rotterdam


Fishing techniques

Artificial lures only with maximum 2 hooks (single, double, treble…); maximum 2 rods per iron fisherman, you may have other rods but they can’t be rigged; minimum 1 net per team (fish grips are banned) all fish must be handled with the net (exception made for “oversize” fish like big pike for example). No limit in the use of lures within the general rules of fishing in use in the Netherland. Dutch fishing rules apply! Fly rods are not allowed for safety reasons.


Any claims during the tournament must be made by the captain. He will speak for his team. Fishing all claims must be made immediately by phone to the referent team Marshal. At the end of the period (pit-stop or end of Tournament) the marshal in charge of your team will clarify the situation with all people involved and take all necessary measures. Once you have registered all your fish and checked out at the Marshall Control table you cannot make anymore claims.


  • Not checking out at the control point (pit-stop or end of Tournament): loss of the all the points scored for the period concerned.
  • The first minute delay will be sanctioned by a penalty of 30 points. For every extra minute an extra 10 point penalty will be applied. For example: 3 min late to the control (30 + 10 + 10) = – 50 points
  • Not respecting the fishing rules: team disqualification.
  • Accidently killing a fish: the first fish doesn’t count; the second fish will be deducted (size = number of points deducted) from the score and so on if needed.
  • Not respecting the organization orders: loss of all of the points scored for the period concerned.
  • For all each claim the head Marshall of the tournament will settle the problem with the all the teams involved.
  • Fishing off limit can lead to disqualification.
  • Fishing limits: dangerous zones, fence cannot be crossed, entering private properties is forbidden, city rules and road sign apply.

Specific rules

How to validate a catch:

In order to validate a catch the team must send a text message to the official Gunki Iron tournament number (provided by the organization for each team on the tag). These messages will only concern one catch at a time. Compulsory message format: species (pike, perch…), size (31cm) and team number (n°39), otherwise they will not be accepted. The organization will use those messages to feed a non official live leader board. In the picture we must see the full length of the fish, the official measure board plus the individual cards of the fisherman who caught the fish and of the person who took the photo.

All this information is essential for the organization to conduct eventual marshal controls for the current leaders and to ease the live non official input for the “live Iron board”. At the same time each catch must be reported (written) on the control table given by the organization. In the event of a control, the marshal will check that all fish reported via text messages are marked on the team score table and that both anglers having taken the photo have signed each catch.

How to create a “safe fishing spot” for the team:

Claim and protection of a fishing hot spot for a team: The rule is simple, first arrived first served! And to protect a spot if wanted the team can place 1 angler at each end of “his spot” to define the team exclusive fishing zone (no more than 20 m wide) from the other team. In order to activate this protection for your spot you must give a clear warning to the other team. This rule can only be used to protect a hot spot when you need it. When “not active” the protection does not exist and you may fish side to side with another iron fisherman without distance limitation.

Giving up!

Sorry, but you are not allowed to!

you decide to abandon you must come via the Tournament HQ to officially check out.